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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that are frequently asked by clients.

Marriage Counseling

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is a special type of mental health service where partners meet face to face with a trained marital therapist in a private and confidential setting. In this setting the couple expresses their feelings, problems and frustrations about themselves and their partner. Through the skilled interventions of the therapist, the couple is able to identify mutual goals and establish a more positive and satisfying way of interacting. One of the most important aspects of marital counseling involves training couples in the art of effective communication and mutual compromise.

Will marriage counseling work for my marriage?

Unfortunately, marital therapy does not work in every case. In some situations, marital couples seek counseling after many, many years of marital discord and the pain and hurt that each partner feels runs too deep to be resolved.

However, the good news is that marital counseling does help in the majority of cases. A recent study in a leading consumer magazine clearly indicates that a large majority of couples undergoing marital therapy experience a marked improvement in their relationship. One of the most important findings our therapists at Counseling Care report is that the sooner the couple gets help with marital problems, the better the chances are for the marriage to experience real improvement.

How are my children affected by our marital problems?

As might be expected, children in homes where there is a significant level of marital problems pay a high price for their parent’s discord. Children in these situations often demonstrate academic as well as social problems as a reaction to their parent’s problems. Again, the sooner a couple receives help, the greater the likelihood that the children will be less affected by the parent’s problems.

Individual Counseling

How do I know if I need individual counseling?

People seek individual counseling for a variety of reasons including problems with family members, friends, or love relationships; job dissatisfaction; feelings of depression or anxiety; or a general dissatisfaction with the direction of their life. If emotional problems or conflicts are significantly impacting your love or social relationships or if your job or school performance is being adversely affected, professional intervention may be necessary.

How do I know if I have a problem with depression or anxiety?

Problems with depression and anxiety are two of the most frequently experienced mental health problems with people today. It is sometimes difficult to identify problems with depression and anxiety because they often take a considerable amount of time to develop into a debilitating illness. If you think you have a problem with depression or anxiety, contact our offices or a trained mental health professional in your community for a professional assessment.

If I do have a problem with depression or anxiety, will I have to take medication?

This is also a frequently asked question. If the nature of your problems is severe, medication may be necessary. At Counseling Care Associates, our trained staff will assess your need for a medication assessment by our consulting Psychiatrist.

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